If you request a refund before we start working on your project, 100% of your payment will be refunded (transaction charges will be deducted). You may ask for a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. In such scenarios, we will refund all the balance payments of your order. The amount for which we have already completed the work for your project will not be refunded. Please note that only the balance payment will be refunded. However, if you have a specific complaint and need a complete refund, you may send us a refund request and we will take a fair decision accordingly. 

Every project is significant to us at My Resume Pros, and we make great efforts to complete each one with expertise and care. Our goal is to deliver the outcomes per the proposal’s terms and circumstances. Even so, if the client decides to use the dispute resolution process because they are unsatisfied with the results despite all precautions, we will consider refund requests.

  • If the initial draft has not been approved or if the project has not yet begun. After receiving the advance payment, the full refund policy will begin, it will take 10 days to process the money.
  • If the first draft has been approved, then the refund  policy is null and void. Yet 100% satisfaction guaranteed is activated.
  • If the client becomes unresponsive at any stage (or more than 18 days) of the project. We will mark the project as completed and no refund request will be entertained.