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Get interview-winning resumes to seize your career opportunities in an array of industries.

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Besides writing professional and keyword-optimized resumes, we ensure ATS-Friendly resume. We adapt to the ever-changing job market trends.

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We work the magic to take the hassle out of your life by helping you land your dream job through our Job Placement & Career Transition Support.

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Our niche-expert certified resume writers help you through the right questions to bring out your most valuable stories and craft noticeable resume.

Here’s how it works

We Regularly Conduct Studies on How to Optimize Your Hiring and Interview Chances. So Far, We Have Helped More Than 10,000 Executives In 75+ Different Industries

01. Collecting Career Credentials

Once communicated, we’ll need your old resume, career credentials or achievements in any accessible digital format. We will have them analyzed by one of our Human Resources professionals, who’d find the most befitting format to represent your achievements to the employer, which caters to the requirements of ATS and search engines simultaneously.

02. Connecting You With a Certified Resume Writer

A certified resume writer from our end will get in contact with you for further progress with your resume. They will ask you for the reasonable expectations you seek of us and start applying them to your career story that is SEO-optimized and ATS-Compliant.

03. Writing Your Resume

Followed by the two essential steps comes writing, where we combine the strategy from our HR professionals and exclusive content from our certified writers to prepare a final resume draft for your consideration. Uploaded on your dashboard, you’d then download it for scarce revisions and get to the first step of the recruitment process, i.e., applying.

You Are Halfway to Your Dream Job

You made an informed decision navigating to this site, and exploring it has brought you halfway through the process, with the other half lying in getting a resume written at My Resume Pros.

SEO-Optimized Resumes

Resumes are no longer limited to print-ups, PDFs, and Docx files; they also come in one-pager websites allowing you to climb up the spots on search engines and expand your chances of landing a dream job, irrespective of the company.

Easily Readable by Search Engines and Resume Screening Software

We write resumes in a pattern that signals both search engines and applicant tracking systems of your eligibility and that of the resume itself. Also, with the optimal placement of buzzwords and keywords, both the programs can’t help but rank your resume against relevant search terms, which gets the quarter work already done, with the employer getting a demo of your command over the software alike.
We don’t just write resumes; we embed a story in each of them. From their start to finish, we ensure the employer, along with the ATS, gets a keen comprehension of your skills, past responsibilities, and compatibility with the new role.
Considering the elements we put into crafting your resume, it must take plenty of time to make one. But it isn’t like that; irrespective of the resume type, we try delivering your course of life sooner than you think; connect with us to find a definite time slot.

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A Glimpse Into What We’ve Been Up To!

Needless to say, writing resumes landing interviews to competent individuals like you!

A Glimpse Into What We’ve Been Up To!

Needless to say, writing resumes landing interviews to competent individuals like you!



We’ve compiled a list of questions we observe ourselves asked often. If you don’t find your concern answered in the listings below, feel absolutely free to drop us a message, which won’t take longer for a response.

The delivery time for a resume varies on the type and nature. While we can deliver it in the digital format of your choice, terms and conditions would apply for urgent deliveries that you can discuss with a single text or direct call.

No, we don’t charge you other than the plan pricing. We offer unlimited revisions as long as they don’t fall into the category of major changes, where we’d suggest you discuss everything that needs correction.

We offer round-the-clock customer support. Prime quality SEO-optimized resumes with the guarantee of passing through the ATS scans, faster deliveries, original content, and much more.